Senior Citizens’ Health Fair held in North Karelia

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Sports Federation of North Karelia and the Finnish Senior Citizens’ Housing Ltd. organised an event called Senior Citizens’ Health Fair on 23th of October in the city of Joensuu, North Karelia, Finland. The fair drew over 1 300 visitors with its diverse programme, including musical performances, doctor’s lectures, panel discussion and sing-along. Also 19 stands with information on different organisations, associations and projects dealing with health and well-being were spread around the fair area. This year the seniors had an opportunity to talk to, among others, the representatives of the Finnish Heart Association, Dementia Association, Disabled War Veterans Association of Finland and the central organisation for Finnish traffic safety (Liikenneturva). The fair was free for the public and exhibitors.

The Senior Citizens’ Health Fair was a perfect occasion for the Regional Council of North Karelia to collect answers for the TOURAGE questionnaire on travelling habits, motivations and needs of the local seniors that receive retirement pension. The local seniors were very active in taking part in the survey. As a result, around 200 seniors filled in the questionnaire during the day.  Many of the respondents hoped that their answers would result in tourism services that are tailored to their needs.