Greeting from The Deputy Governor In Culture and Tourism of The Region of East Macedonia – Thrace

Friday, December 21, 2012

“Culture and tourism unite people and nations. The Region of East Macedonia – Thrace invites you to meet it and explore it. We are next to you… Many tourists from all around the world visit our Region every year. Throughout the whole year someone can visit our beautiful beaches, our green islands, our unique wetlands, our thermal baths and spa. I invite you to an imaginary journey to the Region of East Macedonia – Thrace where people, civilizations and religions mingle together.

Nature has given to us many unique beauties. Region of East Macedonia – Thrace consists of the Regional Units of Evros, Drama, Kavala, Xanthi and Rhodopi. Moreover, in the Region there are two islands of exquisite beauty.

Whoever wants to visit our Region it is really easy. There are two airports (Kavala - Alexandroupoli) and two ports easily accessible to cruises too (Kavala – Alexandroupoli). In total, there are 8 entrances to pass the borders from Promachona to Evros (from Turkey and Bulgaria).

“Egnatia” road comes across the Region so it is quite easy to travel within it. Equally easy is the access to our islands (to Thassos from the ports of Eleutheres, Kavala and Keramoti and to Samothrace from the port of Alexandroupoli). The roads are in excellent condition so even the most remote place is easily accessible.

Modern hotels, rooms to let, camping and guesthouses are waiting for you. Our Region is famous for its hospitality because of the services, the comfortable accommodation and of course the warm people. Every step is a journey. Every step is a new experience. Priceless monuments and a variety of services the visitor can enjoy. Vivid entertainment.

Another distinctive feature of our Region is the tastes and the variety of the foods. Many traditional products cooked with love and fresh ingredients. The wine from Drama, Kavala and Thrace is really popular. Even those vineyards that are made from the antiquity are really modern.

Many tourists visit the Region of East Macedonia – Thrace not only for vacations but also for the weekends as it is a close destination. As a result, the past few years the tourism is growing fast.

Region of East Macedonia – Thrace wants to highlight the alternative tourism and is in a process of developing agro tourism, adventure tourism, ecotourism, religion tourism, archaeological tourism, historic - cultural tourism and tourism for the elderly people.

The past few years, there is a rise in investments to our Region in order to improve the places of accommodation and to build new luxury hotels and new traditional guesthouses.

Region of East Macedonia – Thrace intends to amplify the tourism by exploiting the archaeological monuments, by rehabilitating traditional settlements, by creating new thematic museums and by creating new entertaining places. In order to achieve these goals, everyone have to cooperate with each other.

Some of the places in the Region of East Macedonia – Thrace preserve intact their natural environment and this result in developing alternative tourism. The development of the alternative tourism is one of the goals that the Region is willing to achieve. Because of its geographical position the Region has the ability to develop the massive tourism in Europe and in Eastern countries, too.

Our Region has an interesting geophysical environment that is able to cover all kinds of tourism. From the two islands, Thassos and Samothrace, the magnificent coasts of Strimona’s river till the Delta of Evros and from the mountainous Rhodopi to the ecosystems of Nestos’ river and Evros, every step is a new challenge for exploration, a new journey. Every kind of tourism needs its own supplies to be developed. We are extremely interested in developing agro tourism units, eco tourism units, units taking care of elderly people and rehabilitation centers.

We will be really glad to welcome you to the Region of East Macedonia – Thrace. Welcome to our Region.”  


Greeting from The Deputy Governor In Culture and Tourism of The Region Of East Macedonia – Thrace Mr. Konstantinos Papakosmas