Tourage actively promoted at events in North Karelia, Finland

Friday, December 21, 2012

During the second project period, Tourage participated in three different dissemination events held in Joensuu, North Karelia, Finland. The objective was to promote the project, spread information of the demographic change and collect data for the tourism survey that is conducted in each partner region.

On 11th August 2012 the handcraft and culture quarter called Taitokortteli celebrated a Day of the Old Town in the city of Joensuu. The aim of this old-fashioned market fair was to promote handicrafts and culture experts that use traditional techniques. As one of the themes of the event this year was active ageing, many senior associations and organisations had an information stand at the fair. The event offered a good opportunity also for Tourage and other projects to present themselves to local people visiting the town quarter. During the day, several seniors stopped at the project’s stand and discussed issues connected to tourism with the project workers. All in all, over 1 000 people visited the market fair.

Another important dissemination event for Tourage was the IMP@CT seminar held on 11th September 2012 in Joensuu. Tourage took part in the implementation of the seminar with other regional projects. The main organiser of the seminar was Innovation Assistant ERDF project which goal is to create synergy between entrepreneurial needs and unused human capital by alleviating an existing mismatch between highly educated job seekers and regional companies. The one-day seminar gathered people from various fields to discuss about the global challenges and possibilities of the future. The topics covered in the seminar included aging, consumers of tomorrow, organisational life and pursuing one’s dreams. For the whole day, all partner projects, including Tourage, were introduced to the audience with stands and video clips that were made in cooperation with the Innovation Assistant project.

On 23rd October 2012 Tourage participated in Senior Citizens’ Health Fair organised by the Sports Federation of North Karelia and the Finnish Senior Citizens’ Housing Ltd (Seniorikodit Oy). The event drew over 1 300 seniors with a diverse programme, including musical performances, doctor’s lectures and panel discussion. In addition, 19 stands with information on different organisations, associations and projects dealing with health and well-being were spread around the fair area. Tourage project’s objective at the fair was to collect answers for a tourism survey that reveals what kind of travelling motivations and needs regional old-age pensioners have.  The same survey is carried out in each partner region. The day was very successful as around 200 seniors filled in the questionnaire. The results of the survey will be published next year.