Age Friendly Business Recognition Scheme Ireland

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Age Friendly Business Recognition Scheme
is an initiative that has been launched under the Age Friendly Counties Programme.  The Age Friendly Business Recognition Scheme encourages businesses to improve the customer experience for older people. The scheme, by the Ageing Well Network, will encourage businesses to tap into the sizeable over 60s market by improving the customer experience for older people and increase revenue for businesses.

This recognition allows customers to identify Age Friendly businesses and publicises those businesses locally and nationally to older consumers. Each business that signs up to become a member, gets connected  to others in the Age-Friendly Business Network and is provided with a Tool Kit and support on how to give better service to older customers and in turn, increase business.

It’s easy to make a business age friendly. Most age friendly practices are low or zero cost and can have positive results for business. Simple changes such as making your business easier to find, easier to enter and move around and make purchases in are good for customers and better for your business.

The Age Friendly Business Recognition Scheme is a growing brand, supported by Chambers Ireland, The Age Friendly Counties Programme, Age and Opportunity and the Netwell Centre.

By advertising as an Age Friendly business, businesses are letting older people know that they value their custom and they are committed to serving them.


What is involved?

In four simple steps, a business can become an Age Friendly Business by:

  • Identifying  a member of staff to act as a champion for age-friendliness;
  • Attend  an  Information seminar in their area;
  • Consulting  with their older customers;
  • Creating  a Commitment to Age Friendliness with your first three actions.

Older Customers  -  Facts & Figures

  • Older people own 75% of the wealth in the EU and account for 50% of consumer spending.
  • Older customers (65+) in Ireland have a revenue declared annual income of over €6.5 billion.
  • Older consumers will double in number in the next 30 years, and those over 80 will quadruple.
  • Older people are loyal customers and outspend younger shoppers.
  • Older customers not only spend locally and have a lot of purchasing power, but also have the time to shop.
  • 50% of all toys are bought by grandparents.
  • Over 50’s take on average almost three trips a year in Ireland, staying three nights away.


Further details of the Age Friendly Business Recognition Scheme can be found on the following link: