The eCalypso Platform, specialized in social tourism, is a reality

Monday, July 8, 2013

Bozar, the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, was the venue chosen to present the results and officially launch the Calypso platform on 13th June 2013. This B2B website focus on social tourism is now operative and ready to provide travel experiences to four specific target groups: youth, senior, people with disabilities and families with low incomes .

The Director General of DG Enterprise and Industry, Peter Ortún, attended the official launching event of this pioneering initiative that will undoubtedly contribute to strengthening European citizenship promoting off-season tourism and encouraging sustained employment in the tourism industry. Both the ISTO President Jean Marc Mignon and the Secretary General Yves Godin offered the audience an insightful introduction and an inspiring conclusion.

Numerous representatives of organizations and associations specialized in social tourism participated in this ceremony. The technical partners, SEGITTUR and the Region of Murcia, explained how this unique tool could help the tourism industry to cover low seasonality throught supporting the development of new products and packages for specific niche groups. Tourage, Erzsébet and Tourism Link explained good practices and showed possible synergies with the Calypso Platform.



The InternationaI Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO), together with a consortium of six organisations, has been mandated by the European Commission to develop a web platform,,  linking demand and supply in the field of social tourism to stimulate travelling across European countries. offers a B2B service which sells specially designed offers and packages aimed at specific target group associations or specialist operators. Through the eCalypso platform, a service provider or Social Tourism Professionals can strike accords with hotels, restaurants and other tourism professionals in order to construct a full package offer. In turn this package can be placed onto the eCalypso platform and bought directly from the Platform (transaction directly between the service provider and buyer; the eCalypso platform is an intermediary simplifying and liaising the 2 parties) by member organizations, institutions, groups, operators and other tourism professionals specifically related to Social Tourism.


Involvement in the Platform:

The Calypso platform Consists of two distinct areas:  

Public. Comprised of useful data regarding  Best practices, Social tourism research,  Calypso Initiative actions, recent news and current information on holiday offers and other useful resources and calls.

Private. Open to members it aims at bringing the offer & demand within social tourism into one location. The tools allow for quick and simple transactions between buyers & sellers.  It is an info and sales point. Useful tools allow building  a profile, packages and pricing for sale directly through the Platform.

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