Local Workshop in Podkarpackie Region

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Seniors - foreigners staying in 2012 Podkarpackie region usually carry recreation trips that last about 8-10 days (32%). Most trips are also weekly (25%) and longer lasting 2-3 weeks (24%). One in ten respondents reported very long trips, lasting one month or more. "- This is one of the conclusions of the research study, realized by team led by Dr. Krzysztof Szpara of Rzeszow University of Information Technology and Management. The initial presentation of the results of these studies took place at the regional workshop held in Marshal’s Office of Podkarpackie Region on March 15, 2013.

The general aim of the workshop was to familiarize people primarily related to the  senior tourism sector and the representatives of the universities of the third century with the current progress of the TOURAGE project. Project coordinator, Jarosław Reczek, presented the project, its  partners, as well as good practices in the Podkarpackie region and selected good practices in the partner regions.

The next speaker was Dr. Krzysztof Szpara from the Uniwersity of Information Technology and Management, which is an external expert in the project. He presented the results of research studies obtained so far as regards foreign 55+ aged tourists visiting Podkarpackie Region. Initial results of this studies present quite interesting against the demographic analysis of the region, carried out by next speaker, Mrs. Magdalena Skała, also from UITM.

The workshop also presented in detail two of the Carpathian good practices: sensual garden in the Arboretum in Bolestraszyce, presented the director of the Arboretum, Dr. Narcyz Piórecki, and opportunities of development of specialized offers for travelers 50 + on the example of natural tourism in the Bieszczady Mountains, presented by Mr. Grzegorz Sitko from the Foundation Carpathians’ Nature.

A key element of summarizing the workshop was a discussion, during which indicated, inter alia, the need to draw more tourist offers for seniors, as well as the appropriate matching of products to meet the specific expectations of this target group.