Tourage discussed cross-border cooperation and senior tourism development with the stakeholders in North Karelia and the Republic of Karelia

Monday, March 4, 2013

The majority of the international tourists visiting North Karelia are Russians and it holds a significant development potential for the North Karelia’s tourism sector in future too. Closeness to Russia brings other development possibilities as well. By cooperating with the neighbouring region, the Republic of Karelia in Russia, a diverse cross-border tourism destination can be created to attract other international tourists to both regions.

Currently there are several ongoing Karelia ENPI CBC projects which have partners from North Karelia (Finland) and the Republic of Karelia (Russia). One of these projects is Karelia - developing competitive tourism resort with collaborative platform which partners the Tourage project met on 21st November 2012 for discussions on the possibilities of senior tourism in both regions. The main objectives of the project led by the Central Karelia Development Company KETI are to develop regional cooperation, create and market joint tourism products and develop a joint e-platform for marketing tourism services in both regions. The project has 4 partners from North Karelia and 2 from the Republic of Karelia.

On 22nd February 2013 Tourage project was presented to the partners of Contemporary Old City - Enhancing cultural tourism across the border project financed by the Karelia ENPI CPC Programme and led by the City of Joensuu (North Karelia). The project aims to promote historical and cultural centers and activities in Petrozavodsk and in the city of Joensuu. The project consortium consisting of 4 organisations from North Karelia and 5 from the Republic of Karelia inventories the regions’ cultural and historical offers and creates a joint marketing plan for the regions. Also a platform for the information related to cultural and historical sites will be formed.

The meetings held with the two projects showed that there are many possibilities regarding senior tourism in both regions which have many tourist attractions that could be advertised for +55 travelers. The events were organized by the above mentioned Karelia ENPI CBC projects.