EU Summit on Active and Healthy Ageing: An Action Agenda for European Cities and Communities

Friday, September 13, 2013

On June 13th to 14th 2013,the West Regional Authority attended and promoted the TOURage project at the EU Summit on Active and Healthy Ageing in Dublin. This summit was held in association with the EU Presidency, jointly organised by the Ageing Well Network and the Global Coalition on Ageing. The primary aim of the summit was to assemble the most influential European and global leaders on this topic to pave a path for economic growth and social development through the 21st century's age-related demographic transformation.

Approximately 600 participants, delegates and experts attended the summit over the two days and it  was recognised by all that lives are extending, and older adults are struggling to stay socially, politically, and economically relevant. A quarter of all Europeans will be over 60 by 2020, and the status quo will no longer be acceptable.

For that reason, the Summit brought together a multitude of stakeholders to discover practical, implementable solutions to enable healthy, active paths of ageing in Europe’s communities, cities and regions. A key element for the West Regional Authority and the TOURage project was to nurture and strengthen collaboration with the key stakeholders that may lead to significant development at local/regional levels across areas such as health, work, education, financial security, and social development.

The successful result from the summit was the promotion of outputs from the TOURage project so far with the updated newsletter and marketing leaflets disseminated. This led to the creation of an active international network which can assist to inform policy, promote greater innovation and drive the implementation of age-friendly solutions within Ireland and across EU cities and regions.

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