Motril Conference - Spain Inclusion of the senior citizen perspective in future strategies for tourism in the province of Granada

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On Wednesday 6 November the annual conference of the Interreg IVC CesR project was held in the municipality of Motril in Granada (Spain). Over 70 people attended the conference, amongst which were representatives of the tourism sector and tourism technicians from the local entities of Granada province. The purpose was to deepen knowledge of innovative experiences in the tourism sector with the capacity to be implemented in our provinces and to contribute, from knowledge of the demand towards this sector in the province, to improvement and competitiveness of the provincial strategies being designed for the tourism sector for the new European stage of 2014-2020.

In this regard, in the setting of the Conference, the results of the survey carried out at provincial level on major national and international visitors, within the framework of the Interreg IVC TOURAGE project, were presented. These results are the departure point for the programming of tourism development strategies which include opportunities for the economic development of this sector at provincial level, in order to offer tourism aimed at senior citizens.

Throughout the conference various key aspects from the results of the surveys were looked at in detail, such as the profile of visiting senior citizens, their demands, needs, motives and preferences, when coming to our province. Furthermore, particular emphasis was put on the relevance of this type of assessment for the design and articulation of strategies for provincial tourism development which include the perspective from this group.