TOURage issues the brochure on Regional analysis

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In each partner region of TOURage regional analysis exercise was conducted in 2012 in order to collect information on the general patterns of tourism and demographic change in the regions. This data is also qualitative and quantitive in order to have a wide overview of the processes in the region. Specific template was created in order to collect in each partner region (based on the situation 2012) the relevant data which are available. Based on these regional templates, chapters of this e-brochure analyses the collected data on partnership level, and identifies different european patterns of tourism and demographic change issues  in European regions.

Related to this data collection exercise in 2013 a SWOT analysis on senior tourism was conducted in each partner regions. These regional SWOTs are also part of this e-brochure. In order to have a European perspective as well, a SWOT on project level was also created as well as part of the Working Group meeting organised in November 2013 in Presov region. This project level SWOT is the main conclusion of the regional state of play in the TOURage partner regions, and an important output on senior tourism in Europe.


Full text of Regional analysis available here