TOURage issues a brochure “What are the needs of senior tourists in the TOURAGE regions?”

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Based on the analysis of 1704 questionnaires filled in by senior citizens in 11 European regions taking part in the TOURage project, a brochure ”What are the needs of senior tourists in the TOURAGE regions” has been issued. This survey reveals the travelling habits, motivations and needs of regional seniors that are on retirement pension. The results of this questionnaire can be employed in the development of regional tourism services for senior tourists in order to meet the needs of senior citizens and in the improvement of regional, national and EU level tourism policies.

Some conclusions of the survey:

After analyzing the data it can be concluded that age is usually not an obstacle to tourism – even the older seniors (80+) are interested in tourism activities, and they should receive specific services acccording to their needs and interests.  It is important to highlight that seniors are a colourful group of indviduals ranging from active citizens to those with disabilities. There should be different services and assistance for younger and older seniors and diverse offer.


The seniors are ready to travel abroad also during their retirement years, however, their willingness may decrease if service providers do not understand their specific needs. The regional strategies should focus better on how to reach international senior tourists, and how to attract them into their respective regions.

The survey shows that nature, safety, historical sites, quality of services and easy transportation connections are the most significant attributes of a holiday destination that attract seniors toward them. Doing heavy physical activities, sports, snow, making handicrafts, dancing, camping and city life, on the other hand, are activities that may not interest many senior travelers.

The main barriers to travel are financial reasons and health problems. For this reason, social support schemes or other senior discounts or affordable off-season products and packages should be created to make it possible for these groups to get involved in tourism. Also it is important to note that the lack of interesting supply is a barrier for many seniors. This highlights the fact that it is important to study the actual needs, interests and motivations of seniors and develop products which they are interested in. This can be supported with the regional, national and EU level (senior) tourism strategies.


Full text of the brochure ”What are the needs of senior tourists in the TOURAGE regions” is available here