Seniors are a diverse group of people: a challenging feature for the tourism market

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

TOURAGE project organized its Final Conference on 18th of September, 2014 in the Committee of the Regions, in Brussels. The conference was entitled “Developing Senior Tourism in Remote Regions – Experiences and the Way Forward” to emphasize the results of the project as well as demonstrate good practice transfers between partner regions to become inspiring mo


dels for others to take over. During the conference TOURAGE project was described as a project with a unique topic and intense interregional exchange process and dissemination activities by Mr. Akos Szabo, representative of the INTERREG IVC Joint Technical Secretariat.

During the conference several times it was stated that seniors are a diverse group of people with different health conditions, expectations, interests and needs. The tourism market should be well developed to be able to answer all the needs of senior tourists.

“By activating seniors and involving them in local life of our municipalities, this would be mutually beneficial process for both sides: seniors and municipalities” said Mr. Edvīns Bartkevičs, Alternate Member of the Latvian delegation to the Committee of the Regions.  He encouraged involving seniors in the product development process.

Mr. Pedro Ortún from the European Commission declared that during the next 5-6 years tourism will be one of the priorities in the Europe and funds will be opened to develop it further. He stressed that it is important to pay attention to the development of tourism in remote regions and increase of tourist flows in the low-season.

Additionally Mrs. Julia Wadoux from the AGE Platform Europe stated that it is important to invite not only seniors but also disabled persons and other active citizens to evaluate accessible tourism places and attractions with inclusive design in order to make tourism process participative and socially inclusive.

Full text of Final Conference summary as well as presentations of speakers are available here

The project TOURAGE started as a response to the demographic changes all over the Europe awaking the idea that increasing number of seniors are not only a challenge but also an opportunity for the tourism market in the regions. During the project several surveys were done to find out the needs and habits of local and foreign senior tourists that would help to improve or develop tourism products and services for this target group thus also improving senior tourism in whole.

The Conference was targeted to give a current state of play of senior tourism by inviting several representatives responsible for developing senior tourism in Europe to find out also future trends and possibilities. Meanwhile results of the TOURAGE project were also presented to discuss more about 3 years’ implementation period and the targets reached. 


Photo gallery of the Final Conference you can find here