Read about TOURAGE in the magazine FOCUS EUROPE

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TOURAGE has been included in the special edition "Spotlighting European developments and projects"of the magazine „FOCUS EUROPE”.  This time the focus of the magazine is towards economic sector. „That is important not only  for Europe but also from a global point of view – tourism and its approaches and developments related to sustainability”, says editorial of the magazine.

Focus Europe is a six-monthly magazine published by E.N.T.E.R. that places a broad range of European developments, ideas and activities in the spotlight. The magazine presents a selection of successful cooperation projects with support of European funds and their outcomes and products for different sectors. Furthermore, it allows you access to networks and initiatives, presents you with potential cooperation partners and shows you the practical side of European actions. The magazine combines a mix of the most successful developments and activities implemented with European funds and European tax-payers money as well as articles on related topics and sectors. Additionally, it offers you an overview of interesting high quality conferences, workshops, training courses and other “events to be” in Europe that support your networking activities at the European level.

The magazine is available online and in paper version. Focus Europe has a print run of 1000 copies per edition and is sent to selected key players in the European Union.

Find the article about TOURAGE project here (page 25)