TOURAGE supported senior tourism development in North Karelia

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The project has contributed to the development of senior tourism in North Karelia and its future prospects in various ways. An important step was taken when Tourism Operational Programme 2014 - 2020 of North Karelia was approved by the Administrative Board of Regional Council in October 2014. During the preparations of the programme TOURAGE representatives emphasized the importance of senior tourism and its growth prospects. In the approved programme it is stated that North Karelia will develop senior tourism marketing and product development forsenior groups especially focusing on low and medium seasons. This means that the region will invest in senior tourism development in future too.

Development of marketing started already in 2013 when North Karelian stakeholders identified several good practices from North West Region, Ireland, relating to of services and products for seniors. Regional Council of North Karelia adopted some parts of these different practices and started to develop online marketing for the senior tourist together with Karelia Expert Tourism Service Ltd. The objective is to collect for example products, activities and accommodation that are seen to be interesting for seniors under the same concept on The content was planned by using the results of the senior surveys that where conducted during the TOURAGE project and by organizing workshops for the experts and seniors. Development of the concept will continue after the project ends.

In addition to these development activities, the TOURAGE project has networked actors that are interested in the development of senior tourism and has provided a platform for spin-off activities. As a result, the region has become more aware of the possibilities of senior tourism and more prepared to accommodate the needs of senior tourists.

 Photo: Tourists from Germany hiking in Petkeljärvi, North Karelia; Photo by Heikki Hamunen