Seniors have become an important target group in Vidzeme Planning region

Monday, November 24, 2014

During the project Vidzeme Planning Region chose two good practices from the partnership to transfer in the region. In the result of one good practice transfer, after 2 months intense trainings, 14 seniors in Amata county became volunteer tourist guides. The good practice transfer was inspired by a cultural volunteers programme which has been implemented in the Science Park in the region of Granada, Spain. In cooperation with Amata Tourism information center, volunteer tourist guides have been included in a special tourist guides` list to be available to join tourist groups and apart from the most popular tourism objects, invite people to explore local history and nature values accompanied by stories full of personal experiences.  Three models were developed to train seniors – based on skills, history and interpretation knowledge and performance. 

Another good practice transfer touched importance of accessibility in tourism, when in the end of August 2014, seminar for accessibility in tourism attractions in Līgatne surroundings was organized and  an expert on accessibility from Finland, Mr.Timo Ekroos was involved both to give knowledge about the issue as well as make observations in the nature trails. Idea to highlight accessibility in the Vidzeme region came from the Finland, when colleagues from North Karelia introduced TOURAGE partnership with the good practice „Accessible Nature Tourism”. After the accessibility seminar, recommendations how to improve trail access were prepared and given to the municipality of Ligatne for future reconstruction works. Experience and knowledge gained about providing access to natural objects and trails will be applicable for their owners, operators and entrepreneurs to ensure daily maintenance of the sites, reconstruction of infrastructure and site improvement work, as well as for the creation of new nature-based tourism offers. Sustainable implementation of further steps of both practices as well as other suggestions for support of seniors will be integrated in the mid-term policy document and long term development strategy of the Vidzeme Planning region by  the end of 2014. See more photos here