Developing Senior Tourism in Remote Regions

About the project

The project has grown out from the idea that although Demographic Change brings many challenges it can also bring opportunities to the regions. Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in Europe and relatively remote regions have both a lot of unexploited and unknown development potential in this regard. The project seeks to identify good practices on developing tourism possibilities for growing segment of elderly travelers.

The results gained in this collaboration will be essential instrument to communicate to the rest of Europe the means by which "The Senior Tourism Model" can be created and enhanced and also what kind of tools can be used to improve Regional Senior Tourism Policies.


The overall objective of the project is to enhance regional economy by the means of senior tourism development and to support active and healthy ageing. The project aims to enlighten the responsible personnel of regional authorities, decision-makers and politicians in the field; its challenges and benefits, its future and trends and above all good practices exchanged and deployed.


• Indentifying and exchange of good practices which help to take over the challenges connected to senior tourism ("silver tourism") - to develop clear understanding of central possibilities of silver tourism in the regions
• Evaluation of the most important challenges of silver tourism in the regions
• Exchange experiences on senior tourism through successful seminars, working groups and study visits
• Deepening of the relations between partners
• Developing of joint methodologies and giving policy recommendations based on good practices exchanged during the project
• Dissemination of the obtained results widely for All European Benefit
• Increasing networking capacity and synergies within European-wide silver economy networks and projects
• Finding of solution to turn population ageing also into asset and overcome structural change by new innovative means
• Promote sustainable regional economy and wellbeing



Project is co-financed by the ERDF