Bourgas Regional Tourist Association


Bulgaria, 8000 Burgas, 29A, Ferdinandova, Str., fl. 4

Internet site:

Contact person:

Sonya Enilova, Project manager
Bourgas Regional Tourist Association
Tel/fax: +359 56 841966

Legal status:

NGO in public benefit


Field of activities:

  • • Advertisement of the region – participation in tourism fairs and exhibitions; journalistic tours; presentations;

  • • Training courses and seminars - information and advice in the field of tourism, organization of meetings on current issues for the development of tourism in the region - with municipalities, tourist organizations, ministries, agencies and others;

  • • Organization of a Regional Tourism Forum (from 1998 up to now) and Tourist Fair "YOUR HOLIDAYS" (from 2001 - now) in partnership with Burgas District Administration and Ministry of Economy Energy and Tourism;

  • • Participation in preparation of strategic and programme documents - Plan for Development of the Southeast Planning Region, Regional Strategy of Bourgas Region, National Strategy for Ecotourism Development, City Development Plans and other strategic documents;

  • • Diversification of tourism in the region - development of tourist products; Educational trainings for developing rural tourism in the municipalities;

  • • Development of projects to raise funds in the tourism and economic development – funded by PHARE, Monaco, BSBCP, OPAC, USAID and others.

Priorities for international cooperation:

  • • Promotion of Bourgas Region;

  • • Territorial cooperation;

  • • Exchange of experience and Good Practices.

Participation in international networks:

  • • Partnership Agreement with the Tourist Board of Mallorca (Spain);

  • • CBC with organisations in Republic of Turkey;

  • • Territorial cooperation with countries from SEE (RECULTIVATUR);

  • • Territorial cooperation with partners in NEEBOR (TOURAGE). 

Ongoing cooperation:

  • • Project RECULTIVATUR (Religious and Cultural Tourism in South Eastern Europe) – from 2011 – now, funded by South East Europe Programme of the EU;

  • • Project CDC (Center for demonstration of crafts) – from 2011 – now, financed by IPA CBC Bulgaria – Turkey programme, with partners: Municipality of Nessebar, City of Edirne and Regional Craft Chamber of Edirne;

  • • Project CBTI (Cross-border tourism initiative) - 2011 – now, funded by IPA CBC Bulgaria – Turkey programme, with a partner - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Edirne;

  • • Project TOURAGE – 2012 – now, funded by INTERREG IVC Programme.

    Senior Tourism in Bourgas Regional Tourist Association:

    BOURGAS REGIONAL TOURIST ASSOCIATION (BRTA) was established in 1998 as an organization in public benefit. It unites the existing in Bourgas region local tourist organizations, regional tourist associations and local authorities (municipalities). The goal of BRTA is to support and encourage the development of tourism in Bourgas region and alone or in cooperation with other organizations working to develop the region as a tourist destination. BRTA is registered in accordance with the requirements of the Tourism Act in Bulgaria. BRTA is the only regional tourism organization in Bulgaria, a member of the National Board of Tourism in Bulgaria from its establishment until now. National Tourism Board is a state public advisory and coordinating body to the Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism

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