County Council of Granada



Edificio CIE – Diputación. Avenida de Andalucía s/n.18015 Granada, Spain

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Contact persons:

  • Ms. Myriam Prieto Labra
    Edificio CIE – Diputación. Avenida de Andalucía s/n
    18015 Granada
    Tel. +34 958 804867
    Fax +34 958 805825

Legal status:

Provincial Public Authorityy


Field of activities:

  • Coordinating municipal services in the whole province of Granada. Legal, economic and technician assistance to town councils, especially to those who have less economic and management capacities. Rendering public services with a supramunicipal or local nature. Encouraging and administering particular interest of the province of Granada.

Priorities for international cooperation:

  • Provincial Council of Granada has close cooperation with several european regions through the colaboration in programs as INTERREG IVC, MED or SUDOE. For us is a priority to continue collaborating in european partnerships that contributing to the promotion of the socioeconomic development of our province. Other priority for the coming  years is to consolidate our relationship with the Kingdom of Marrocco.

Participation in international networks:

  • • Europe Direct relays network

Ongoing cooperation:

  • The Provincial County of Granada participates in several international and national projects. Currently it is taking part in the following international projects:

    • CesR – Cooperatives of employment and services in rural areas

    • EMMA. Entrepreneurship methodology mediterranean assistance

    • WIDE. Innovation in the MED Area

    • AGROPAISAJES Peri – urban agricultural landscapes




    • I4Food – Interregional cooperation for competitive and sustainable regional food industries

    • Tourage - Developing Senior Tourism in Remote Regions 

    Senior Tourism in Regional Council of North Karelia :

    Tropical Tourism Program. 

    Granada County Council designed “Tropical Tourism” program with the objective of promoting the leisure time and the autonomy of elderly people. A specific hotel has been chosen: near to the beach, adapted to people with reduced mobility, comfortable, etc. The second objective of the program is to improve the neighborhood. The activity also includes animation shows during the nights and other activities.

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