Health and Wellbeing


Dikļi Palace Hotel **** located in a beautiful old manor, is situated around 120 km from the capital city Riga and 20 km from the nearest city, in the village Dikļi. The hotel is also known as one of the best Latvian Restaurants outside Riga. It is famous for the menu, offering dishes made using seasonal and local ingredients. It is possible to enjoy Eco SPA treatments which are offered using local products with a highly responsible attitude and professional knowledge and are targeted at environmental resources and local people. Using these services the enterprise offers a possibility to be in harmony with untouched nature, thoughts and the body itself. Dikļi Palace Hotel has good co-operation with Valmiera Theatre and the local brewery ”Valmiermuižas alus” offering complex services combining culture, local food tasting and accommodation that is highly evaluated among seniors from all of Latvia as well as from abroad. Quality, creativity and flexibility is a key-issue to be leaders in this segment. Read more here


Granada County Council designed the “Tropical Tourism” programme with the objective of promoting the leisure time and autonomy of elderly people. A specific hotel has been chosen: near to the beach, adapted for people with reduced mobility, comfortable, etc. The activity also includes animation shows during the evenings and other activities. This programme has improved the life in the neighbourhood too. The programme is aimed at all elderly people over 65 years old and also to people with reduced mobility. The application has been submitted by the local government (municipality). Maximum group size: 60 members. Towns with less than 20,000 inhabitants have priority. The province government provides funding to cover an important amount of the total cost. These days financing the activity is the main problem because of the current economic situation in the country. To keep this initiative running the government should reach an agreement involving private agents and private funds. Read more here

BALNEO TOURISM IN POMORIE (Bourgas region, Bulgaria)

Special Health Programmes in the SPECIALIZED HOSPITAL FOR REHABILITATION -NK, Health Centre St.George and Sanatorium for balneology, rehabilitation and prophylactics – Pomorie. The aim of the good practice is to give an opportunity for old people with special needs to use the so-called ”clinical path” twice a year, i.e. 7 days’ special treatment in the hospital that is paid partially by the patient, and partially by the state. They receive Full Board and 3 medical treatments a day. The good practice is provided by a group of state owned hospitals and sanatoria all over Bulgaria that are united in the company “Specialized Hospitals for Rehabilitation – National Complex”, National Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Health in Bulgaria. Another programme gives the opportunity for employed people with special needs to stay 10 – 15 days a year in the respective sanatoria (providing treatment for specified diseases) or hotels that have contracts with the National Insurance Institute paying just a part of the amount for their stay. They receive full board and 4-5 medical treatments a day.The patients can use the following programmes: Programmes covered by the National Health Insurance Fund - for people who have paid their compulsory health insurance for more than 36 months; Programmes covered by the National Social Security Institute; Programmes for veterans, disabled soldiers, victims; Programmes for disabled people. Read more here

THERAPEUTIC MUD BATHS IN KRINIDES (Region of East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece)

The Krinides mud baths site is located close to the ancient city of Kavala that was founded by the inhabitants of the island of Thassos in 7th century B.C. The Municipal Public Benefit Organisation of Kavala runs the centuries old natural mud baths (in a natural basin) in a modern way. These mud baths have therapeutic properties for chronic rheumatic pains, gynaecological diseases, chronic skin diseases and infections and nephrolithiasis (kidney stones) and are also suitable for cosmetic purposes. All facilities are located in a well-known area of several historical events and monuments, such as the arrival of the Apostle Paul in Europe, the Baptistery of Lydia, the Ancient Theatre of Philippi, as well as of modern initiatives (Dionysus wine route). Read more here



The rehabilitation centre was built for the needs of the political and state authority in the 1980s in one of most beautiful and greenest places in Latvia, in the area of Gauja National Park. Currently it is used for medical treatment and rehabilitation purposes both for local and foreign people. Special rehabilitation programmes for seniors have been established. Nordic walking was included as part of the rehabilitation activities with professional physiological consultancy. For those who receive therapy and rehabilitation services in the “Līgatne” centre – Nordic walking training and stick rental is free of charge. Read more here


The central government and local government are aware of the situation of the elderly people in Spain, so they have designed and promoted different social programmes in order to improve their quality of life using tourism resources according to their needs and preferences, through Imserso. With the objective of facilitating the inclusion of this group of tourist flows, while mitigating the consequences of employment that produce the phenomenon of seasonality in the tourism sector, the government organises social trips through Imserso for elderly people and provides them with lodgings in hotels in the low tourism season at lower prices. Different options are available for elderly people to enjoy a holiday in the period between October and June according to the modality. These are: stays in coastal areas to rest, cultural tours to learn about the history and art of Spain and nature tourism with routes through picturesque landscapes. The Termalism Social programme is one more action of IMSERSO, the Institute for Elderly People and Social Services. Read more here


The overall goal of the Association is to promote active living of seniors and disabled persons, especially through tourism. Since its establishment the Association has been systematically monitoring the situation of these communities to diagnose their problems and define their needs. The research showed that one of the effective methods in preventing these problem is to promote active senior living through tourism-related activities. Still, the current tourist offer often ignores the specificity of the needs and limitations of senior tourists, which mainly concerns the problem of mobility. As a result, a pilot concept for the promotion of physical, mental and social engagement of seniors through both active and leisure tourism was created. The concept focuses on the organisation of bus tours and sightseeing walking tours. In both cases equal emphasis is put on the cognitive aspects as well as on activities enhancing the physical fitness of participants. The Association also runs a web portal (Kashubia Without Barriers), which promotes tourist attractions of the Kashubia region with a special emphasis on the aspect of accessibility. In cooperation with the city of Gdynia, the Association developed a special guidebook for tourists entitled “Gdynia For Everyone” which contains several interesting thematic routes supplied with additional practical information on accessibility. Read more here