Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency


8600 Siófok, Batthyány u. 1. Hungary

Internet site:

Contact persons:

  1. István Hegedűs
    Lake Balaton Development Agency
    8600 Siófok Batthyány u. 1.
    Tel/Fax: 0036 84 317 002

Legal status:

Regional Development Agency


Field of activities:

  • Regional development and interest supervision, general coordination of regional development programmes, regional planning, promotion of the recognizability of the region.

Priorities for international cooperation:

  • Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency takes part in lots of international cooperation in Europe and outside Europe too. The Agency has strong relationship with numerous European regions through EU funded project such as INTERREG IV.C Programme, Central Europe Programme, South-East Europe Programme, LIFE+ Programme, Intelligent Energy Europe Programme funded projects. Outside Europe the Agency has partnerships with Chinese organizations.

Participation in international networks:

  • Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency is member of Living Lakes Network. The Agency coordinates the Hungarian part of RELACS network and EURONET 50/50 network.

Ongoing cooperation:

  • Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency  is taking part in the following international projects:

    • EUROSCAPES - Green management plans for European urban and peri-urban Landscapes;

    • RELACS - Renewable energies for tourist accommodation buildings;

    • INTourAct - Integrated Tourism Action Plans for SEE functional regions; EULAKES - European Lakes Under Environmental Stressors; 

    • BE-NATUR - Better management and implementation of NATURA 2000 sites;

    • LAKE ADMIN - Regional administration of lake restoration initiatives.

    Senior Tourism in Region of Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency:

    Lake Balaton’s internationally unique vulnerability situation is the combined result of its shallow profile and the heavy reliance on tourism, on the primary source of livelihoods. The most important sector of economy is tourism around the lake. In the mirror of demographic data in Hungary or Europe this sector have to get ready for serving of older generation's demand. The western part of the lake was specified for medicinal and thermal tourism. The other part of the lake will have to face with this new challenge too, and they will have to find new possibilities to give attractions for older generations. The task of the Agency to help the stakeholders to find these new possibilities.

    Regional Analysis