Natural Park Strandzha (Bulgaria)

NATURAL PARK STRANDZHA (Bourgas region, Bulgaria)


The Natural Park Strandzha is located in the border area of Bulgaria with Turkey. 90% of the population is elderly. Tourism is the main activity of the local population, which creates jobs and economic growth in the area. Local people have refurbished their houses and accommodate visitors in the park. They sing local songs, perform folk dances, prepare local food, and guide the tourists in the region. Each year in May local people organise the “Festival of Rhododendron”. The old people in the village of Brashlyan established an organisation – they made an exhibition of local crafts and clothes, refurbished the old school and church and provide tourism services – catering, guides, accommodation, demonstrations of folk dances and singing. The services are mainly provided by elderly people. The provision of services makes them active and creates employment and profits. 



• To create employment in the remote area. 

• To create possibilities for economic diversification in the Natural park Strandzha. 

• To keep the population in the area. 

• To preserve and promote the rich cultural and natural tourist resources in the area. 



The activities performed by the organisation of elderly people in the Natural Park Strandzha have led to the following results: 

• Increased employment. 

• Increased sources of income. 

• Increased number of visitors. 

• New skills and services. 

• Promoted natural and cultural resources. 

• Decreased depopulation of the area. 


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