North-West Regional Development Agency



Radaia 50, Baciu, Cluj, Romania

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Contact person:

  • Ioana Şuta, Project Manager
    North-West Regional Development Agency
    Radaia 50, Baciu, Cluj, Romania
    tel. +40-264-431550, fax +40-264-439222
    Mobil: +40-755-777699

Legal status:

The North-West Regional Development Agency (RDA) was created as an NGO of public utility, having the status of legal entity, which works in specific fields of regional development.


Field of activities:

Strategic activity area 1. Services for Regional Development

  • • Elaboration of regional planning documentation;

    • Monitoring the implementation of development strategies;

    • Consulting for the development of regional investment projects;

    • Management of partnerships structures;

    • Development and implementation of own projects of the North-West RDA that can sustain the fields of Excellence;

    • Carrying out activities and presentations for promoting the region as investment and tourism destination;

    • Management of cooperation, relationships/protocols (inter-institutional, interregional, European networks);

    • Management of institutional structures created with the participation of the North-West RDA.


Strategic activity area 2. Regional Programmes Management

• Implementation of the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013;

• Participation in the implementation of rans-border cooperation programmes;

• Implementation of Phare (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005);

• Contribution of the North-West RDA to the technical assistance for PHARE programme 2006 contracted by MEI (Ministry for European Integration);

• Implementation of Governmental Programmes;

• Inputs for the Complement Programme/ROP (Regional Operational Programme);

• Development of ROP projects portfolio;

• Registration and checking of the eligibility of the grant application forms;

• Organization of the technical and financial evaluation sessions;

• CRESC secretariat.


Strategic activity area 3. Horizontal activities
  • • Restructuring of the North-West RDA

    • Provision of the RDB Secretarial Activities;

    • Internal audit of the agency’s systems and operations;

    • Assurance of the Financial Management and of the bookkeeping for the RDA;

    • Assurance of the Internal Management of the RDA;

    • Human Resources Management;

    • Administration of disadvantaged areas;

    • Attributions delegated by the RFIA (ARIS);

    • Legal support/consulting;

    • Managerial assistance;

    • Management of PR activities;

    • Carrying out regional promotion activities.


Priorities for international cooperation:

  • North West RDA’s team is also responsible with the stimulation of interregional, internal and international, trans-border cooperation, including the cooperation within the Euro regions, and also the participation of development regions in the European structures and organizations that promote the socio-economic and institutional development of these regions, for the creation of common interest programmes, according to the international agreements Romania takes part in.

Participation in international networks:

  • North West Regional Development Agency is involved in several international cooperation networks, such as INTERREG IV or Enterprise Europe Network and Europe Direct Network. 

Ongoing cooperation:

North West Regional Development Agency is taking part in the following international projects:

• BISNet - Transylvania (business and innovation network;

  • • SUSTEEN – Sustainable SMEs (Enterprise Europe Network);

    • STP – Scientific and Technological Parks in Eastern Europe;

    • TREC – Trans-national Renewable Energy;

    • Cluster regioNet - Clusters and networks - as successful drivers guiding regions to competitiveness and innovation;

    • TOURAGE – Developing Senior Tourism in Remote Regions;

    • ENSPIRE EU – Entrepreneurial mindset for the European Union;

    • ASVILOC PLUS - “Agencies supporting the value of innovation systems in local and regional economies”;

    • Plan4all – European geo-portal for the promotion of the North-West Region Europe Direct Northern Transylvania Regional Centre.

Senior Tourism in Regional Council of North-West Regional Development Agency:

The North-West Region of Romania has significant but still so far little exploited resources. Health and spa tourism has an impressive potential and recently made investments for developing resorts like: Băile Felix, Băile Tăşnad, Băile Figa bring us a significant number of senior tourists both Romanians and Europeans. North-West Regional Development Agency plays an important role by involving the regional stakeholders to think and assume an integrated Tourism Strategy combining innovative and traditional economy, education and life-long learning and health and social services in order to face the new challenges of demographic change.

Regional Analysis