Podkarpackie Region


Al. Łukasza Cieplińskiego 2, 35-604 Rzeszów, Poland

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Contact persons:

  • Mr. Marek Rainer, Project Coordinator
    Al. Łukasza Cieplińskiego 2
    35-604 Rzeszów, POLAND
    Tel. +48 17 747 64 29
    Fax +48 17 747 67 24
    E-mail m.rainer@podkarpackie.pl


    Ms. Jarosław Reczek, Project Cooridinator
    Al. Łukasza Cieplińskiego 2
    35-604 Rzeszów, POLAND
    Tel. +48 17 747 66 00
    Fax +48 17 747 66 01
    E-mail j.reczek@podkarpackie.pl

Legal status:

Regional Public Authority


Field of activities:

Regional development, general coordination and impelemtation of regional development programmes, regional planning, promotion the region.


Priorities for international cooperation:

  • • Prorities of international cooperation of Podkarpackie Region result from its regional policy and include: Development of good neighborly relations with Republic of Slovakia and Ukraine with particular consideration of regionsDalszy rozwój dobrosąsiedzkich stosunków z Republiką Słowacji i Ukrainą, ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem regionów, regions with which Podkarpackie Region has signed a agreement of cooperation;

    • Continuaation of development of current cooperation with EU regions and establishment of cooperation with new EU regions;

    • Development of cooperation with selected regions of East Europe including Russian Federation, georgia and also regions of Central and Eastern Asia;

    • Establishment of cooperation with Polish communities abroad, particularly with those in USA;

    • Participation of Podkarpackie Region in cooperation of local and regional communities within the framework of international associations of local and regional communities, particularly it refers to the activities of carpathian Euroregion and Assembly of European Regions (AER). 

Participation in international networks:

    • NEEBOR, Network of Eastern External Border Regions

Ongoing cooperation:

• Tourage - Developing Senior Tourism in Remote Regions (INTERREG IVC)

• MOG (Move On Green) – Sustaninable transport on rural areas (INTERREG IVC)

• Easter Front Trail – tourist activation of borderland (Transborder Cooperation Programme Poland - Slovakia)

• RegioPartner – economic promotion of borderland (Transborder Cooperation Programme Poland - Slovakia)

Senior Tourism in Regional Council of North-West Regional Development Agency:

Podkarpackie Region as regional slef-government is responsible, inter alia, for laying out the strategic directions in the development of tourism in the region. Direct tools to stimulate and guide Podkarpackie Region in tourism activities at the local level are represented by strategic documents. The point here is all about "Strategy of Development of Podkarpackie Region" and "Strategy of Development of Tourism in Podkarpackie Region. Their task is to disseminate previously agreed and precise ideas, which should be guided by institutions and operators responsible for the design and development of tourism in the Podkarpackie Region. One of the main priorities of the Podkarpackie Region is tourism. This allows a large natural and cultural potential. An important element of the tourism, based on the region's potential, are natural spas. The spa-centers use the health values of local microclimates and various kinds of mineral waters. These values are recognised and appreciated particularly by a wide number of senior tourists visiting the region every year.

Regional Analysis


Podkarpacka Regional Tourism Organization

  1. Podkarpacka Regionalna Organizacja Turystyczna  - PROT/ Podkarpacka Regional Tourism Organization

ul. Szopena 51/302
35-959 Rzeszów
tel. +48 17 852 00 09
tel. +48 17 867 62 30
fax +48 17 867 62 30

e-mail: Prot@prot.rzeszow.pl



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