Theme: „Developing Senior Tourism in Remote Regions – Experiences and the Way Forward”
Date:18th of September, 2014
Location:  Committee of the Regions, Brussels, Belgium

Welcoming words, Mr. Edvīns Bartkevičs, Alternate Member, Latvian delegation to the CoR (.pdf)

“Seniors‘ Point of View“, Mrs. Julia Wadoux, AFE-INNOVNET coordinator, AGE Platform Europe (.pdf)

- “INTERREG IVC – State of Play and Perspectives”, Mr. Akos Szabo, Project Officer, INTERREG IVC Joint Technical Secretariat (.pdf)

- “Experiences and the Way Forward”, Ms. Ulla Äänismaa, Project Manager, Regional Council of North Karelia, Finland (.pdf)

- “Good Practice Transfer to Motivate Sports Activity of Elderly Generation”, Mr. István Hegedűs, Head of international cooperation unit, Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency, Hungary (.pdf)

- “Project Experiences in Podkarpackie Region”, Mr. Jarosław Reczek, Project Coordinator, Podkarpackie Region, Poland (.pdf)

- “Sustainable Senior Tourism Development as the Result of Implementation of TOURAGE Project”, Ms. Aija Ruse, Project Manager, Vidzeme Planning Region, Latvia (.pdf)

- “TOURAGE Project in Warmia Mazury Region – Results”, Ms. Małgorzata Samusjew, Head of Programmes, Association of Polish Communes of Euroregion Baltic, Poland (.pdf)

- “Joint Policy Recommendations”, Mr. Dávid Bartók, Project manager, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Regional Development and Environmental Management Agency Nonprofit Ltd., Hungary (.pdf)


3rd Annual Conference

Theme: „Aged tourism – challenge or opportunity for the modern tourism market”
Date:13th of May, 2013
Location:  Rzeszów, Poland

- "Tourism activity of seniors as a chance of tourism developing in Warmia and Mazury Voivodeship", Mrs. Joanna Zielińska-Szczepkowska, University of Warmia and Mazury In Olsztyn, Poland (.pdf)
- "Religious and pilgrimage tourism of the elderly", Mr. Jerzy Rut, Prof, Ph.D., University of Rzeszów, Faculty of Tourism, Poland (.pdf)
- "Reports on local and foreign senior tourism elaborated under TOURAGE activities in Podkarpackie Region", Mr. Krzysztof Szpara, Ph.D., University of Information Technologies and Management in Rzeszów, Poland (.pdf)
- Poland's offer for aged tourists -  potential and experience, Representative of Polish National Tourist Office, Warsaw (Deputy President or Head of Merketing Department), Poland (.pdf)
- "Senior tourism Potential in REMTH for the upcoming programming period", Mr. Spyros Arseniou, Head of EU Projects and International Affairs Office of the Region of East Macedonia & Thrace, Greece (.pdf)
- "Marketing for Senior Travellers: segmentation, travel behaviour and marketing mix", Ms. Aija Van der Steina, Ph. D., Head of Scientific Institute of Economics and Management Faculty of Economics and Management in the University of Latvia (.pdf)
- "Green Events and Wildlife Tours", Mr. Grzegorz Sitko, representative of Podkarpackie Good Practice, Poland (.pdf)
- "Silver Sharing", Mr. Bartłomiej Głuszak, President of Federation of Social Organisations of Warmia Mazury-Region, Poland (.pdf)
- "Marketing of tourism for 55+ in North Karelia", Mr. Markku Litja, Director of Karelia Expert Tourism Service Ltd., Finland (.pdf)
- "Old Travelers’ Club", Mr. Andrzej Wesół, representative of Podkarpackie Good Practice, Poland (.pdf)
- "Parque de las Ciencias for elderly people", Mrs. María Esperanza García Badillo, County Council of Granada, Spain (.pdf)
- "Age Friendly Cities and Counties Programme", Ms.Sarah Wetherald, Regional Development Consultant, Age Friendly Ireland (.pdf)


2nd Annual Conference

Theme: “Product Development and Marketing for Senior Tourism in Remote EU Regions”
Date:21st of May, 2013
Location:  Bourgas, Bulgaria

- "Types of subsidized tourism and recreation in Bulgaria”, Prof. Vasil Marinov, PhD - Head of Tourism Department - Sofia University, Bulgaria (.pdf)

- "Tourism planning and policy development in North Karelia", Mr. Pekka Huovinen, Development Manager, Regional Council of North Karelia, Finland (.pdf)
- “STEEP – Social Tourism European Exchanges Platform”, Mr. Danny Silva, Project Manager, International Social Tourism Organization OITS-ISTO (.pdf)
-“Questionnaire for local seniors on tourism: what are the needs of users in TOURAGE regions?”,  Mr. Zoltán Balogh, Észak-Alföld Regional Development Agency, Hungary (.pdf)
"Managing of senior tourism on local destination level”, Tourism expert Mrs. Lienīte Priedāja-Klepere, Tourism advisory board of Valmiera and its surroundings, Vidzeme Planning Region, Latvia (.pdf)
- “The role of region and city marketing to strengthen the identity and to increase the tourism activity of senior population in Észak-Alföld region”, Dr. Zoltán Szakál tourism and marketing expert, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Regional Development and Environmental Management Agency Nonprofit Ltd., Hungary (.pdf)
“Promotion of medical tourism in Harkány micro region”, Mr. Balázs Ferenczi, The expert of Harkány Tourism Association, Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency, Hungary (.pdf)
"Tourist activities of seniors from Podkarpackie region", Mr. Łuksza Stokłosa from University of Information, Technology and Management in Rzeszów, Podkarpackie region, Poland (.pdf)
“Senior Tourism in Region of East Macedonia & Thrace”, Mr. Pavlos Damianidis, Deputy Regional Governor, Region of East Macedonia & Thrace, Greece (.pdf)
"Windows Cave in Piñar (Granada), a good example of adapted touristic attraction barrier free in rural areas”, Mrs. Myriam Prieto, County Council of Granada, Spain (.pdf)
- “Accessible nature tourism in North Karelia”, Mr. Timo Ekroos, ISAK coordinator, Centre for Innovations for Independent Living (ISAK), Karelia University of Applied Science, North Karelia , Finland (.pdf)
“Untapped Tourism Potential: Putting Age Friendly at the Forefront of Irish Hospitality”, Mr. Shane Winters, Age Friendly Planner for the West Region, West Regional Authority, Ireland (.pdf)
"Tourism consumption of Polish seniors in the light of global tendencies in tourism - the case of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Region", Ms. Joanna Zielińska-Szczepkowska, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic, Poland (.pdf)
"SOREA hotels and the State specific subsidy for retired persons in Slovak republic", Mr. Matúš Goč, Project manager, Regional Development Agency of the Prešov Self-Governing Region, Slovakia (.pdf)
“Union of veterans Lukoil Neftohim Burgas – tourism activities for elderly people”, Ms. Radostina Novacheva, Executive Director, Union of veterans Lukoil Neftohim Burgas, Bulgaria (.pdf)


1st Annual Conference

Theme: "Senior Tourism: A Tool for Development of Territories"
Date:25th of September, 2012
Location:  Granada, Spain

- Welcoming words, Mr. José Antonio Robles Rodríguez, 2ND Vice-President of the Department of Family, Social Welfare and Economy and Delegate–Deputy of Family and Social Welfare of the County Council of Granada, Spain (.pdf)

- "European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012: (Spain)"Ms. Maite Pozo Querol, Technical Support for Coordination, General Secretariat, Institute for Elderly and Social Services of Spain (IMSERSO) (.pdf)

- "Activities of IMSERSO (Institute for Elderly and Social Services of Spain)to promote senior tourism"Ms. Mª Ángeles Aguado Sánchez, General Management Assistant Director of the Institute for Elderly and Social Services of Spain (.pdf)

- “Europe Senior Tourism”, Ms. Marta Santamaría García, Technician of the Department of R+D+I , “SEGITTUR” State-Owned Company for Tourist Innovation and Technologies Management, Tourism State Secretariat, Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism ,Spain (.pdf)

- Good Practice “Sierra Nevada a mountain and ski resort also for older”Ms. María José López González, Chief Executive of Cetursa Sierra Nevada (Granada, Spain) (.pdf)

- Good Practice "Wooden Churches in Eastern Slovakia – Preservation and Promotion”Mr. Matúš Goč, project manager, Regional Development Agency of the Autonomous Region of Prešov (Slovakia) (.pdf)

- Good Practice “Koli Shuttle Taxi – Sustainable Way to Reach a National Park”Ms. Sonja Tynkkynen, project manager, RTS project, Regional Council of North Karelia (Finland) (.pdf)

- , Ms. Laila Gercāne, Head of Department of Development and Projects, Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia) (.pdf)

- Good Practice "Challenges and Obstacles towards a focused touristic product in East Macedonia and Thrace"Mr. Pavlos DAMIANIDIS, Deputy Regional Governor of Region of East Macedonia & Thrace (Greece) (.pdf)

- , Mr. István Oláh, Managing director, Agency of Regional Development and Environmental Management of the Province Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg (.pdf)