Press releases

04.11.2014 Seniors are a diverse group of people: a challenging feature for the tourism market

12.09.2014 INTERREG IVC project TOURAGE Final Conference already on September 18th

10.06.2014 TOURage issues a brochure “What are the needs of senior tourists in the TOURAGE regions?”

06.06.2014 SAVE THE DATE message "Project TOURAGE organizes its FInal Conference"

29.05.2014 TOURage project and Senior Tourism raise interest in Europe

26.05.2014 TOURage 3rd Annual Conference states seniors as the opportunity in tourism market

28.04.2014 Targeted tourism development approach is valuated:  Study visit in Szabolcs- Szatmar-Bereg County (Hungary)

08.04.2014 SAVE THE DATE - TOURage 3rd Annual Conference already next month

02.04.2014 Interesting good practices in senior tourism will be presented in Szabolcs- Szatmar-Bereg County (Hungary)

20.11.2013 Prešov region (Slovakia) attracts seniors to improve their health offering different products and services

07.11.2013 TOURage team meets in Prešov region (Slovakia) to evaluate good practices in senior tourism

26.09.2013 Warmia-Mazury region (Poland) aiming towards the well-being of seniors

16.09.2013 TOURage good practices in Warmia-Mazury region (Poland) are going to be evaluated

01.06.2013. Study visit in Burgas region, Bulgaria

31.05.2013. Tourage states cooperation and collaboration important for developing  senior tourism

15.05.2013. Tourage announces 2nd Annual conference in Burgas, Bulgaria

09.12.2012. Project “Tourage” Study Visit in Siofok, Hungary

07.11.2012. Project “Tourage” Study Visit in West Region, Ireland

11.09.2012. Annual Conference in Granada “Tourage - Developing Senior Tourism in Remote Regions”

11.06.2012. Senior Tourism in Vidzeme

26.03.2012. Active ageing – Good practices

09 .03.2012. Senior Tourism - an opportunity for active aging