Region of East Macedonia & Thrace


1, Dimokratias Ave., 69100, Komotini, Greece

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Contact persons:

  1. Dr Spyridon Arseniou
  2. 1, Dimokratias Ave.,
  3. 69100,
  4. Komotini
  5. Tel. +30 25313 50185
  6. Fax. +30 25313 50190
  7. E-mail:

Legal status:

Legal Body governed by Public Law


Field of activities:

  • The region's task is to design and implement policies at the regional level, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and social cohesion imposed by the State. The responsibilities of the Region lie upon nine areas: i) Planning and Development, ii) Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, iii) Natural Resources, Energy and Industry, iv) Employment, Trade and Tourism, v) Transport and Communications, vi) Public Works, Planning and Environment, vii) Health, viii) Education, Sports and Culture ix) Civil Protection and Administrative Care.

Priorities for international cooperation:

  • Main priorities of the REGION include:

    1. The construction of Trans-European transport and energy networks. The interconnection of the Region with trans-European road and railroad networks and its promotion as an energy hub offer the possibility for a significant change in the productive base of the Region and the emergence of new, dynamic sectors, such as logistics;

    2. The utilization of all endogenous developmental characteristics of the Region that have not been adequately utilized to date, such as, for example, the particularly rich natural environment of the Region, which can serve as the basis for the development of tourism in mountainous and rural areas or other forms of alternative tourism, creating the necessary conditions for generating supplementary income and employment. 

Participation in international networks:

  • • A.E.B.R. - Association of European Border Regions;

    • C.P.M.R. - Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions, in which the Region of Eastern Macedonia – Thrace plays a coordinating role for Greece;

    • NEEBOR - Network of Eastern External Border Regions of the EU

Ongoing cooperation:

  • REMTH currently participates in the following initiatives:

    Interreg IVA / Greece – Bulgaria 2007-2013: 9 Projects (CONNECTIONS, IHPCBGR, RHO Donate, TIPTBHB, ZLATEX, REPORT, ACCESSNET, EMN, JTI TARGET) European Transnational Territorial Cooperation / Med Programme and SEE: 3 Projects (ELIH-MED, TOSCA, RECULTIVATUR) Interreg IVC: 3 Projects (REVERSE, CIVPRO, TOURAGE)

    Senior Tourism in Region of East Macedonia & Thrace:

    There are significant prospects for the development of sustainable, alternative forms of tourism in REMTH. Specifically, by examining the natural and man-made resources of the region, such as mountainous areas, forests, its rich fauna and flora, wetlands and other areas of special protection, traditional hamlets, monuments, museums, etc., it becomes clear that the Region is particularly rich in terms of the number and variety of such resources and that the natural resources of the region remain virtually untapped, preserving their “virgin” identity. Through properly utilising these resources, a process of tourism development could begin for the region beyond the typical sea-and-sun motif that dominates not only the entire country, but is also the present state of affairs for tourism in REMTH. The central objective of the new tourism development policy for the Region must be the quality of tourism rather than its quantity scale taking into consideration the emerging market of Senior Tourism.

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