Regional Development Agency of the Prešov Self-Governing Region



Prostějovská 117/A, 08001 Prešov, Slovakia

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Contact persons:

  1. Matúš Goč, project manager
  2. Prostějovská 117/A, 08001 Prešov, Slovakia
  3. Tel: +421 51 7465 389
  4. MFax: +421 51 7465 386
  5. E-mail:


  1. Martina Wolanská, project manager
  2. Prostějovská 117/A, 08001 Prešov, Slovakia
  3. Tel: +421 51 7465 388
  4. MFax: +421 51 7465 386
  5. E-mail:

Legal status:

Association of legal entities


Field of activities:

  • • preparation and coordination of work on the development of strategic documents concerning regional development in Prešov Region and region NUTS II – Eastern Slovakia;

    • preparation of regional development programmes and projects in agreement with strategic documents of the European Commission, the Slovak Republic Government and the Prešov Self-Governing Region;

    • provision of consultancy services related to the preparation and implementation of programmes and projects;

    • coordination of work on the preparation of programmes, projects and other documents assigning them to external companies and consultants;

    • all-round contribution to the development of integration awareness in citizens on the principles of building a common Europe;

    • active contribution to the regional development, the development of small and medium enterprise, the development of tourism in accordance with the principles of partnership and sustainable development;

    • implementation and supporting implementation of approved projects and programmes;

    • active support, evaluation of regional development projects;

    • active search for and support of financially, technically, material, professionally and ecologically sustainable projects;

    • providing information to appropriate entities within the region on the availability of specific programmes and projects;

    • organization of trainings focusing on the increase of a European regional policy awareness, on the support possibilities of regional development and on the extension of administrative potential dealing with the preparation and gaining of EU funds within the region;

    • promotion of the region in the country and abroad and winning investors for the region;

    • collecting, processing, meditation, and dissemination of information, theoretical knowledge and practical skills and experience, publishing activities;

    • performance of brokerage, editorial, promotional and advertising activities within the scope of and in agreement with its mission of regional cultural establishment;

    • preparation, coordination and implementation of cross-border cooperation activities;

    • implementation of practical activities directed towards a regional development, support of employment rate;

    • cooperation with all Slovak and foreign organizations and institutions interested in helping accomplish the function and aims of the Association.

Priorities for international cooperation:

  • The Agency closely cooperates with institutions in Poland and Ukraine and its main aim is to widen and strengthen the cooperation with neighbouring regions as well as with other regions both EU members and Non-EU countries.

Participation in international networks:

  • • Member of EURADA

    • Prešov region is a partner of NEEBOR Network

Ongoing cooperation:

  • • TOURAGE – Developing senior tourism in remote regions;

    • THETRIS – THEmatic Transnational church Route development with the Involvement of local Society;

    • “Slovakian-Ukrainian Culture Centre” establishment and strengthening the cooperation of the Prešov self-governing region and Zakarpattya region;

    • “Culture – the mirror of soul”.

    Senior Tourism in Regional Council of North Karelia :

    The Agency cooperates with institutions in the scope of Prešov region, mainly with social services homes, cultural institutions and other local and regional institutions in the field of tourism and regional development.

    Regional Analysis