Vidzeme Planning Region


8 - 108, Jāņa Poruka str., Cēsis, Latvia

Internet site:

Contact persons:

Mr. Gatis Teteris
Jāņa Poruka str. 8 - 108
Tel. +371 64219027
Fax. +371 64116012


Ms. Anita Āboliņa
Vidzeme planning region
Cēsu str. 19-54
Tel. +371 64219027
Mob. +371 26454562


Legal status:

Regional administrative authority (derivative public entity, working under supervision of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Regional Development of Latvia.)


Field of activities:

  • The main goal of Vidzeme Planning Region is to ensure regional planning and coordination, as well as cooperation between municipalities and different governmental institutions. Vidzeme Planning Region provides planning services on national, regional and local level; it ensures regional and local level representation in elaboration of entrepreneurship, employment and social policies. VPR mission is to coordinate and promote long-term and well-balanced development of the Vidzeme region by providing effective services to local inhabitants, NGOs, entrepreneurs and municipalities.

Priorities for international cooperation:

  • Vidzeme Planning Region throughout international cooperations seeks the solutions for balanced regional development.

Participation in international networks:

Vidzeme Planning Region participates in NEEBOR European network.

Ongoing cooperation:

  • Vidzeme Planning Region participates in several international and national projects. Currently, Vidzeme Planning Region is taking part in the following Interreg IVC, Interreg IVA,  Baltic Sea Region, Intelligent Energy Europa, The European Social, Regional and Cohesion Funds projects:

    • Health4Growth – Developing Regional Actions to Promote SMEs in Health Sector and Stimulate Economic Growth ;

    • Tourage – Developing Senior Tourism in Remote Regions;

    • Histcape – Historical assets and related landscape;

    • MOG – Move on Green;

    • GRISI PLUS – Geomatics Rural Information Society Initiative;

    • Medi@TIC – Regional Policies for Information Society & ICT development in the audiovisual sector;

    • Rits-NET – Regions for ITS solutions Network;

    • Culture Capacity – Capacity building in Vidzeme Planning Region in the field of cultural development projects and activities;

    • TP –  Technical Support to Activities of EU Structural Funds Information Centre of Vidzeme Planning Region;

    • WF – Waterways Forward;

    • Woodenergy – Wood Energy and CleantechWood Energy and Cleantech;

    • Increasing public transport service quality in the Vidzeme planning region;

    • Cult Identity - The Ancient Cult Sites for Common Identity on the Baltic Sea Coast;

    • BECOSI - Benchmarking on contaminated sites;

    • Build Up Skills - Efficient Energy Building Roadmap for Latvia;


    Regional Analysis