West Regional Authority


1st Floor, Woodquay Court, Woodquay, Galway, Ireland

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Contact persons:

  • Ms. Mary Molloy, Senior Staff Officer
  • 1st Floor, Woodquay Court, Woodquay, Galway, Ireland
  • Tel. +353 91 563842
  • Fax +353 91 561328
  • E-mail mmolloy@galwaycoco.ie

  • Ms. Nuala Mullarney, Assistant Staff Officer,
  • 1st Floor, Woodquay Court, Woodquay, Galway, Ireland
  • Tel. +353 91 563842
  • Fax +353 91 561328
  • E-mail nmullarney@galwaycoco.ie

  • Mr. Shane WintersEU Projects Officer,
  • 1st Floor, Woodquay Court, Woodquay, Galway, Ireland
  • Tel. +353 91 563842
  • Fax +353 91 561328
  • E-mail swinters@galwaycoco.ie

Legal status:

Statutory Public Body


Field of activities:

  • Improve co-ordination of public services provision in the region; To foster co-ordination, consistency and compatibility with programmes, plans policies, proposals of National Government; Adoption and implementation of the West Regional Planning Guidelines 2010-2022; Reviewing draft development plans and their consistency with the Regional Planning Guidelines 2010-2022 and regional requirements; Provision of proposals, advice, recommendations or information to Government in relation to applications for EU assistance; Publishing periodic regional reports; Monitor the general impact of all E.U. Programmes under the National Development Plan/Community Support Framework in the region.

Priorities for international cooperation:

  • The West Regional Authority is always interested in collaborating and exchanging experiences with other European regions to provide practical and tangible solutions to the challenges within the region.

Participation in international networks:

The West Regional Authority participates in several European networks such as:

  • • Irish Regions Office (IRO)

  • • Committee of the Regions (CoR)

Ongoing cooperation:

  • The West Regional Authority participates in several international and national projects. Currently, the WRA is taking part in the following Interreg 1VC and Northern Periphery Programme Projects:

    • DART – Declining, Ageing and Regional Transformation;

    • TG4NP – Tourist Guide for the Northern Periphery;

    • SECRE – Sustainable Enterprises in Community Renewable Energy;

    • TOURage – Developing Tourism for Ageing in External Border Regions;

    • GRISI PLUS – Geomatics Rural Information Society Initiative • LakeAdmin – Regional Administration of Lake Restoration Initiative

    Senior Tourism in Region of West Regional Authority:

    The Authority has recognised these advantages and through its links with the relevant tourism organisations has supported the whole concept of ”Senior/Third-Age Tourism” or what is termed in Ireland the ”Grey /Silver Market ” and these facts are obvious from the statistics in that the majority of overseas visitors to the West Region are aged over 45 and worldwide the market is growing.

    The Authority has links with a number of organizations which lobby for the rights of older people in Ireland. They campaign to raise awareness of the issues affecting older people and influence government policy. They include: Older & Bolder, Older Women’s Network, and Irish Senior Citizens Parliament.

    However, from the point of view of Senior Tourism in the Region the most important body is “Active Retirement Ireland.” Active Retirement Ireland is a national network of over 480 local Active Retirement Associations with 23,000 members.

    Each local association is run by a local voluntary committee who plan and deliver a range of social, cultural, learning and physical activities based on what their members would like to do and their ability to participate. These activities include social networking through tea dances and evenings out, holidays and short breaks. Their website contains details of tourism options for their members. In addition Tourism Organizations and Companies are now positioning themselves to take advantage of these new possibilities in the Senior Tourism sector with a particular focus in attracting Senior Tourists from the U.K where there is a market of nine million over-66s who have the time, discretionary income and inclination to travel.

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